The current slate of officers are as follows:

Chief: Jeremy York
Assistant Chief:  Josh Rockwell
Fire Captain:  Lewis Conrad
Lieutenant: Steven Sirois

Election of Chief and Assistant Chief
The Island Falls Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief are appointed by the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen on a yearly basis. Fire Department members make recommendations to the town manager at election time by casting votes for the positions. Once the recommendations have been presented, the town may choose to follow them or decline the officers if they have adequate reason to support someone other than the department's recommendations. 

Qualifications of Chief and Assistant Chief
Qualifications for the chief officer positions require knowledgeable, competent professionals with exceptional organizational and communication skills. They must have a command presence and the ability to effectively set the operational direction for the Island Falls Fire Department. In addition, these officers must also possess the ability to motivate and educate others to fully engage and continually enhance their ability to safely and efficiently deliver  fire service and fulfill the Fire Department's mission. A minimum of two years on the department is required.

Election of Captain and Truck Lieutenant and Qualifications
The Captain and Truck Lieutenant are elected by the members of the Fire Department. They must also demonstrated the knowledge and competency of their superior officers and have the ability to command a scene in the absence of the chief officers. A minimum of two years on the department is required.