IFFD is a volunteer department comprised of dedicated men and women who train weekly to ensure that they are fully prepared for the variety of dangerous situations they may face. 
Mission Statement
The mission of the Island Falls Fire Department is to enhance the quality of living in our community by preventing or minimizing the loss of life or property resulting from fire or other emergencies, natural or human caused, that may occur within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Towns we serve.

Our members are not only educated in fire suppression, but also in Cold Water Rescue, Extrication, Search and Rescue, CPR, and much more. Many of our firefighters have also trained in, and hold licences in, EMS, criminal justice, PALS, ACLS, PHTLS, and CPR.
By investing in ongoing quality training and support mechanisms, the Island Falls Fire Department is better able to support its mission and community. The training provides firefighters with the updated knowledge and skills necessary to handle the unique situations they will respond to. In addition, training boosts preparation and department readiness. 


As well as having weekly in-house training, our fire department also trains with a variety of other departments and resources including the following: 

Maine Fire Training
Emera Maine
Maine Drug Enforcement Agency 
Maine State Police
Maine Forest Service
Oakfield Fire Department 
Stacyville Fire Department
Patten Fire Department
Sherman Fire Department
For Information on how you can join the IFFD and make in a difference in your community, please attend one of the weekly meetings held Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm at the Fire House.