Local Businesses
Listing local businesses on our website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens. We do not advertise any business on this website.

 Ben's Repair

Small engine and vehicle repairs

Ben Walker

Street Address: 268 Walker Settlement Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 949-2121

Description: Small Engine/Vehicle Repairs

Email: bennybopin1@hotmail.com


 Big Valley Sno Club

Contact: Sherry Willigar

Clubhouse Rental, Event Meals

473 Houlton Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2795



 Binotto's Farm Stand

Barbara Binotto

Farm Stand

686 Sherman St, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2851


 Crystal Wesleyan Church


348 Winding Hill Road, Crystal

Phone: (207) 463-2105


 Island Falls Opera House Inn & Lounge

Chris Hartin

Inn and Lounge

69 Burleigh Street


 Hatch Custom Meat Cutting LLC

Brady Hatch

Butcher Shop

23 Prescott Road, Crystal

Phone: (207) 463-2645

 Island Falls United Baptist Church

Benjamin Greene


65 Cleaves Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2224

 John's Electric & Solar Services

John Flannory

Electric and Solar 

708 Crystal Road, Patten

Phone: (207) 528-2130


 K&T Fire Equipment

Fire apparatus sales, service, manufacturer, fire equipment, crystal poly tanks, fire apparatus dealer for Metalfab apparatus, service and warranty center.

Tom York

Street Address:   1143 Crystal Rd, Island Falls, ME  04747

Phone:  (207) 463-2788

Description:  Fire apparatus sales

Email:  tom.york91@yahoo.com

 Lance Lindsay


263 Sherman Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 540-8718

 Robert Brownlee


174 Houlton Street, Patten

Phone: (207) 267-0444

 St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church


76 Sewall Street, Island Falls

 The Slice

Steven, Scot, Ben Walker

Restaurant, Bar

Va-Jo-Wa Golf Course

142 Walker Settlement Road, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2128


 Trails End Restaurant at Birch Point

Joey Edwards

Restaurant, Pizza

33 Birch Point Lane, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2515

 Whittier Congregational Church


15 Burleigh Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 443-7637

 Calvary Chapel of Southern Aroostook

James Lord


58 Sherman Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 356-4099

 Island Falls Water Department

PO Box 100

68 Houlton Road, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2246 (Town Office)

            (207) 594-1844 (Brian)


 Porters Family Restaurant


1149 Crystal Road, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2014


 Bog Brook Farm

Kassandra Foster

Horseback Riding/Beef & Pork

231 Retreat Rd, Hersey

Phone: (207) 485-7007

Email: kfoster291@gmail.com

 Bowers Funeral Services

Anthony Bowers

Burial Services

56 Sherman St, Island Falls

Phone: 1-(800) 532-4333 or (207) 532-3333

Description: Burial Services

Email: tony@bowersfuneral.com


 Brooks Equipment Service

Jeff Brooks

Construction & Snowsled Repairs

1160 Crystal Road, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2851

Email: jeffbrooks@markerman.com


 Dan Miller Woodworking

Dan Miller


527 Sherman St, Island Falls



 Saturday Donuts

Elizabeth Moulton

Baked Goods

54 Fairfield Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 694-3090

Facebook:  Saturday Donuts

 Golden Ridge Farms

Frank Cox


930 Island Falls Rd, Crystal

Phone: (207) 521-6338

Email: c+sides@gmail.com


 GR Porter & Sons

Frank Porter

Auto Care/Gasoline

1149 Crystal Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2255

Email: G.R.PorterSons@gmail.com 

 The Wood Shop

Bill Goetsch

Custom signs, furniture and decor

144 Walker Settlement Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 538-5123


 Hunt Law Offices

Patrick E. Hunt

Full Service Legal Practices

7 Sherman St, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2285 (EXT 227)

Email: pathunt@fairpoint.net

 Island Falls Historical Society

Tingley House Museum, Local Artifacts

16 Nina Sawyer Lane, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 263-2504 or (207) 746-7377



 Island Falls Redemption

James D'Angelo

Returnable Cans and Bottles

23 Sewall St, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 267-5032



 J.B. Construction

John Brannen

Carpentry/Custom Homes

38 McNelly Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 532-0260



 J.L. Derosier Custom Building Inc.

Jason Derosier

Foundation Work

57 Crystal Rd, Crystal

(207) 463-2850


 Jacob's Redemption

Glen Jacobs

Returnable Cans and Bottles

148 Houlton Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2949



 Jerry's Thriftway

Jerry Violette

Grocery Store, Wood Pellets, Propane, Hardware

63 Houlton Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2828

Email: jerrysfoodstore848@hotmail.com

Website: www.jerrysfoodstore.com

 Katahdin Public Library

Library and Free Internet Services

20 Library St, Island Falls

Email: katahdinpubliclibrary@gmail.com

HoursTuesday and Thursday 10 am - 12 pm and 1pm - 4 pm


 Northern Katahdin Valley Solid Waste Disposal

Bruce Edkins

Solid Waste Disposal

46 Dyer Brook Rd, Dyer Brook

Phone: (207) 757-8700


Tuesday 9am-4pm

Wednesday 11am-pm

Saturday 8:30am-4:30 pm


 Miller Farmstand & Greenhouse

Farm Stand & Handcrafts

627 Sherman St, Island Falls




 Noah Mast Farmstand

Noah Mast

Farm Stand

337 Dyer Brook Rd, Dyer Brook




 Onil Beaulieu Inc.

Onil Beaulieu


5 Beaulieu Ln, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2690 or (207) 267-0095



 Perrin Realty

Alison Perrin

Real Estate

16 Pleasant St, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2127 or (207) 267-0066

Real Estate Broker


 Pleasant Pond Camp Rental

Doug Clark

Camp Rentals

Phone: (207) 463-2002



 Pleasant Pond Self Storage

Gary Thomas

Self Storage

Pond Road, Dyer Brook

Phone: (207) 463-2501



 RH Auto Sales

Royden Hunt

Used Car Sales

26 Sherman Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2829 or (207) 446-6703



 Roymar Corporation

Royden Hunt

Self Storage

Harding Street, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2829



 Snapper's Plumbing

Snapper Legassey


63 Sherman St, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 659-0964



 Tom York LLC

Tom York

Storage (Vehicles, Boats, Etc.)

1143 Crystal Rd, Crystal

Phone: 1 (800) 675-2848



 Unique Airbrushed Cakes

Ruth Frazier

Unique Airbrushed Cakes

99 Bog Brook Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2263



 Va-Jo-Wa Golf Course


142 Walker Settlement Rd, Island Falls

Phone: (207) 463-2128